There are many different approaches to counselling. I am a ‘psychodynamic’ counsellor. This means that I have been thoroughly trained and grounded in this particular model and use it to inform and orientate me in my work.

Psychodynamic counselling is an approach which believes that when we are faced with challenging experiences, which are often unanticipated and cause emotional pain, we find a way of coping with them by means of a variety of psychological defences. These defences can often remedy the immediate experience but at a price: they can become uncontrollable, repetitive and entrenched, hindering and sabotaging our ability to enjoy life.

I can provide a safe and non-judgemental environment in which to establish trust and the willingness to explore your current concerns. I promote self-reflection to help you gain personal insight into the origins and persistance of your distress.  This will enable you to find more positive and appropriate ways of dealing with, and moving on from, your current anguish.

I have consistently developed how I work and successfully integrate and draw upon a variety of other approaches including elements of:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Humanistic Person-Centred therapy, 12-Step, Transactional Analysis, Attachment Theory and the Systemic model. 

Additional I have a robust working knowledge of the Psychiatric diagnostic model including prescribed medication. 

The fundamental aim of my approach is to promote both a stimulating and restorative emotional experience.